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Linksys AC5400 Firmware Update

Linksys ac5400 Firmware works as an operating system for the router. The firmware is the software that operates the configuration and customization of the router according to the network. However, firmware is preinstalled and embedded in the Linksys Router, new Linksys ac5400 Firmware updates are constantly released for users’ convenience. If you can’t update Linksys ac5400 firmware, it’s necessary for you to understand how to firmware Update Linksys ac5400.
firmware update

If you have got your Linksys router ac5400 firmware failed or your Linksys ac5400 internet not working or how to automatically update Linksys ac5400 firmware stick with us and your all problems would be resolved.

First, we will get on to complete Linksys ac5400 update with a few simple steps.

How to Update Linksys ac5400 Firmware

  • Open your preferred browser on the device that has an internet connection currently.
  • Type your 168.1.1 IP address on the address bar of your Computer or Mobile device and hit Enter. It would get you on the web-based setup page of your Linksys router. If the Default IP address is not working, that means your IP address was changed during the initial setup. To get a way out of it, get our support.
  • Now, you need to login to the setup page. It would ask you to put your Network name and Password. The custom password would be that you have set during the setup of your router. Check the password carefully or can get your Linksys router ac5400 firmware failed.
  • Check which firmware version you are using currently. You can find it on the top right corner of the Linksys ac5400 firmware update page right in front of the Firmware Version. Without knowing your current firmware version, you can’t update Linksys ac5400 firmware.
  • On your browser, open a new tab and search for Linksys Support Page.
  • You would find several firmware’s. Choose the latest firmware from the list and download it and you have understood the vital part of  Linksys AC5400.
  • Now, hit on the Administration tab present at the top of the page and now hit on the Firmware Upgrade button on your router setup page.
  • Hit on Browse and navigate your computer towards Linksys firmware file from the Pop-Up box and click on Update.
  • It would take a while to updating. So, remember not to turn off the power of the router or to hit the reset button while the process is going on.
  • After waiting for the completion of the process, click on the Continue button on that pop-up.
  • And, Finally!! Congratulations, you just have completed your Linksys ac5400 firmware update.

Yeah, we know that remembering hard numbers of a Firmware is not an easy task. It is the outdated and boring way of updating your Linksys Router.

But, don’t worry we do have the solution for this. You can also turn on the Auto Update Feature of the Linksys Router.

In order to apply it, you have to get through the given procedure.

How to Automatically Update Linksys ac5400 firmware

  • As you have already logged into your Router’s account. Find and click on Connectivity
  • You would find Automatic update firmware option under the Firmware Update section. Click Apply when you are done.
  • If there would be any update available, you would be notified by a pop up.
  • Tap yes on the Update Firmware pop-up box.
  • It would take a while and your router would be automatically updated without any hard numbers of the firmware version.
Linksys Firmware update

Up till now, if your Linksys ac5400 internet not working or you can’t update Linksys ac5400 firmware, there would be any bug present in your system. But, remember not to hurry for resetting your router as there can always be any other way of troubleshooting the issue!

But even after following the instructions carefully, your Linksys router ac5400 firmware failed, you should get in touch with us.

To get rid of the problem you should call on our toll-free number. You would get the full information on  Linksys ac5400. Feel free to call us any time around the clock.