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Linksys Velop – Home Mesh Wifi System

Linksys Velop Mesh Wifi System Setup

Linksys Velop – A Wifi mesh system providing high internet speed and full coverage of your home. It does not matter how big your home is, you have to increase the node each time you feel there is not proper range. The cost of Linksys Velop is a bit high as compared to the other wifi systems providing the same internet speed. An excellent and flawless internet you will get from the Linksys Velop node. There is tri-band technology in this system so you won’t get any degradation in the wifi signal.

You do not have to worry about the wireless connectivity as you get internet access throughout your home. While you are moving from one place to another or while you are standing in the backyard, you will not get interrupted.

Linksys Velop Setup

The Linksys App makes it very easy to setup all the nodes. The Linksys app is available for iOS and android devices. Download the Linksys app, create an account and you can then add each node one by one. The app provides all the instructions for Linksys Velop setup and also check for the weak and strong signals. It tells you about the optimal position for your node. The node can act as a router and remaining node as access point. Or the three of them act as an access point for your existing router. So, every time when you want to setup the Linksys Velop system, you need a mobile device having Linksys App on it.

The firmware update is automatic when we talk about these systems. When initial setup was going on, at the same time the firmware updates. So, it takes around half an hour to setup a single node with the firmware updation.

As a system, Linksys provides three nodes in the system but it is your choice if you want a single or double. The three nodes come in a cardboard box. Three power supplies are also there, packed tightly in a single box. The nodes are of white colour and there is matte finishing on three of them. The grey rubber band is at one end so that it can stand vertical. It measures 185mm * 76mm. It is more effective than the Netgear Orbi. But it lacks in feature such as there is only two Ethernet ports and there is no USB port.

As there is no USB port so you cannot be able to attach storage devices and any printer to the system and as a result you cannot share data with other devices on the network. All the ports and other switches are on the downward face of the mesh system. Each node contains a reset button, a power input, a power switch and two Ethernet ports. The LED status light shows the connectivity or there is a strong signal or poor signal with another node.

If you get any issues with the Linksys Velop setup, feel free to contact us.