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Parental Controls Feature for Linksys Connect Software

Parental Controls Feature Linksys connect software

Parental control settings are like the most discussed issues especially if you have young family members and they use to spend long hours on the internet. Here we are explain the steps regarding parental control settings using the connect software. Linksys Router setup is easy. At any point you need help, you can contact us for the help. We are available for 24/7 and we can solve your issues more professionally.

Parental Controls Feature for Linksys Connect Software

  1. Open the web browser and fill the default login address Linksyssmartwifi in the address bar.
  2. Press the enter key and fill the login details for the successful login.
  3. Go for the Setup option and then go for the Basic Setup option.
  4. You will need to select the time zone where you are living.

How to enable the parental control settings and set up the password

  1. Open the Linksys Connect Software wizard and simply select the parental control settings for the Linksys router.
  2. Here you will need to enter the password for the Linksys router and you will need to enter that password for twice.
  3. Simply press the OK button.
  4. Select the device under your home network to which you want to configure the parental controls.

Rename the parental controls-enabled devices

It’s easy to distinguish one device from another when the names are changed. Follow the steps below for details on how to do this:

  • On the Parental controls screen, click on the Restrict Internet access.
  • Under this section, select the name of the device you wish to rename.
  • After that, click Rename to give the gadget a new name.

How to change the password for parental controls?

If the restricted users have figured out the current password, changing the Parental controls password is a good idea. Follow the steps below to accomplish this:

  • From the Parental Controls screen, click on the Restrict Internet access on.
  • Now, click on the Change parental controls password.
  • Next, type in your old password in the given field.
  • Then enter a new password and verify it.
  • Finally, click on Changes to save the changes.

Here’s how to block Internet access

You can use the Parental Controls function to limit Internet access in two ways. You have two options:

  • Limit Internet access to specified hours and days of the week;
  • Limit Internet access to specific websites


These are the simple steps for enabling and setting up the password for the Linksys routers using the Linksys connect software. You can contact us any time regarding the issues like linksys smart wifi setup, linksys smart wifi setup support, linksys smart wifi login, linksys smart wifi tools, linksys smart wifi router, linksys smart wifi not loading, linksys smart wi fi port forwarding, linksys smart wifi app.