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The easy approach to setting up your Linksys smart wifi network?

Setup Linksys smart wifi

It is more convenient to have a wifi system that can supply all your internet usage than having one you have to manage because of its slow speed and incapacity. The Linksys smart wifi is a wifi system that can cover your home and supply speed in any part of it. As it is, you will require a total setup guide so that you can easily set up your Linksys router without any trouble.

The setup may be challenging depending on your level of technical awareness. However, this setup guide is made easy in order for you to successfully Configure Linksys smart wifi so that you can stay connected to the internet.

Before you go ahead to begin your Linksys smart wifi setup, these are the devices you should prepare

  • Your Linksys router
  • A modem
  • A computer with an installed browser
  • An active internet connection
  • An ethernet card/cable

How to set up Linksys smart wifi through

setup Linksys smart wifi via

If all your devices are set, then proceed with these simple setup steps

  • There are some models of the Linksys router that come with detached antennas in the pack. After you unpack, carefully attach the antennas.
  • Turn on your router either with a power button that can be found on the router or you can plug it into a power source. 
  • It is time to link your modem directly to the router. Do that by using an ethernet cable
  • Now, connect your computer to the secure active internet
  • Open the browser on your computer to load the official Linksys setup page 
  • This step is optional. There are times you are unable to load the web link on your computer, kindly use the IP address
  • Select the checkbox to apply the “terms of service” and secure Linksys smart wifi network.

Now that you have securely made the physical connections and have landed on the setup page.

In this second phase of setup, you will continue by activating and configuring your network with the steps below.

  • Now in this section of your Linksys smart wifi setup, a message will appear on your screen asking your consent to continue your setup manually. Or if you would continue with the setup wizard.
  • Next, you will be on a page that is labeled “Updates for your router”. Here you can control if you would like an automatic update to be configured on your router or you would prefer the manual update.
  • It is time to customize your wifi name and password. On this next page, you can go ahead to personalizing your wifi name and password 
  • Select “Next” to Configure Linksys smart wifi
  • Make a connection to the latest wifi name afterward, go back to the setup page and select “Next”
  • It is required of you to create a password on this next page, input a router password. Click on “Next”
  • On the off chance that your setup was successful, you will get a message that indicates the success of your setup. 
  • This page will also display your wifi name and password. It is advised that you note them down as you would be needing them for subsequent logins. 
  • To finalize your setup process, click on “Next”

Troubleshooting tips to secure your Linksys smart wifi

If you cannot go 1 minute without seeing the buffering signal while watching your movie, you should know something is wrong. Whereas, sometimes it can even happen during setup. Therefore, here are some troubleshooting tips you can borrow to secure Linksys smart wifi network.

Steps to login to Linksys router account

  • You have to connect your modem to your router with an ethernet cable
  • Launch your browser and load the IP address for Linksys smart wifi
  • On the login page, input the accurate username. Input the correct password too
  • Then click “Login”

Other troubleshooting tips are as follow:

  • Ensure that the internet you are connected to is working
  • double-check all physical connections made with wires and cables
  • If your browser is outdated, update it before starting the setup
  • The wrong password and username can also be the problem. Check twice before clicking on “Login”
  • Do not input the wrong web link or IP address
  • An outdated firmware may not be easily noticed when trying to find a solution. It is most likely why you keep getting the “error” sign
  • If nothing worked, you may have to try the last troubleshooting tip, resetting your Linksys router.