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Linksys Smart WiFi Login

Access the Linksys smart wifi login dashboard using the default domain Linksys smart wifi setup wizard allows you to customize the settings like- changing the Linksys wifi network name and password. Access the Linksys smart wifi login page to perform the Linksys firmware upgrade that will improve the overall performance of the device. Use the weblink to create a Linksys smart wifi account. 

Easily login to linksys

How to access the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router via a web browser?

Before you begin your Linksys smart wifi login, you should be aware that there are two ways to use the browser :
Local access
  • Power on your computer and launch your browser
  • Next, you have to input your IP address into the weblink bar or you can decide to use “myrouter.local”
  • Subsequently, input your router password then select “Login”. Note that the password is “admin” but if you have modified it, input the new password.
  • Next, the Linksys smart wifi login page will appear, carefully input your password and Email
  • Select “Login”. You can opt to check the “Remember me” box so that you can easily be signed in next time.
Remote access
  • Connect your computer to the internet before you begin
  • Open your browser and input the web link “” into the weblink bar
  • After loading the page, enter the required information in the login field
  • Supposing you are yet to create an account, you should first create a Linksys smart wi-fi account.
If you come across any kind of technical error while trying to log in, for instance, a wrong password, you can check out troubleshooting tips.

How to Setup Linksys Smart Wifi using smart setup wizard (

Linksys smart wi-fi router can be set up and configured easily using the smart setup wizard. You can access the user-friendly smart wizard even when there is no internet connection. Through, a user can just log in to the Linksys router and secure their router even when they are away from their home.

  • First of all, connect the Linksys smart wi-fi router to the power source and wait for the power light to get stable.
  • Then, establish a connection between your modem, computer, and Linksys router with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • When you open an internet browser, you will automatically get redirected to the Linksys smart wifi login page.
  • Now, you can manually enter to log into Linksys smart wifi setup wizard. Enter the login details for a successful Linksys smart wifi login.
  • Next, the Linksys smart wifi setup dashboard will automatically detect your internet connection settings.
  • Go online and customize the wireless settings of your Linksys smart wi-fi router. Enter the SSID and security passkey for your Linksys wireless network.
  • After that, enter the password that you want to use for the Linksys smart wi-fi sign in. this password will give you access to the Linksys smart wifi setup page.
  • You will see a ‘Your message is set up’ message displaying on the screen. Your current settings will be shown on the screen. Click on ‘Edit’ if you still want to edit the settings.
  • Next, you will be redirected to a new page to create a new Linksys smart wifi account. This account will let you access your Linksys network remotely.
  • Finally, fill in the required details to create a Linksys account. Finally, your Linksys smart wifi setup is successfully completed.

How can we set up Linksys Smart WiFi setup at home?

You don’t know how well you can do a Linksys smart wifi setup at home unless you try it first. We have provided you with easy steps here to take you through the setup process smoothly. Steps on how to set up your Linksys smart wi-fi router

setup linksys at home
  • Turn on your Linksys router by plugging it into a power source. Then wait for the power light to be stable
  • With an ethernet cable, connect your router to the computer
  • Then connect your computer to the modem with another ethernet cable
  • Open your updated browser and type in the default setup URL into the address bar of your browser 
  • You will be redirected to the login page. Input the correct login details and click on “login”
  • Your setup dashboard will be displayed after a successful login
  • To set up your wireless internet connection, enter the SSID and security passkey of your wireless network
  • The next thing is to enter the password you want for your log-in. 
  • After that, you will be given access to your Linksys smart wifi setup page
  • A pop-up box indicating “your message is setup” will appear on the screen which will also show your current setting. If you still wish to edit anything, click on edit.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you have to create a new Linksys smart wifi account. For the purpose of remote access
  • Once you have filled it, click on “finish”. Your setup is complete.

How to update firmware of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router?

The Linksys wifi is one of the best wifi routers available in the market today to serve you with high-performance speed. The Linksys router offers a high internet speed over a large coverage area. You can be in any part of your home and enjoy the same super-fast internet. If you have ever been stuck on a setup program because your firmware was outdated. Here are steps on how you can update it. You can either update your firmware. automatically or using the “check for update button”. You can as well do a manual setting.

Update Linksys Firmware Manually

  • First, you need to download the latest firmware for your Linksys router. Save it in an unzipped form. If it is zipped, you have to unzip it. 
  • Log in to your Linksys smart wifi account. You will be redirected to the router settings page
  • After you have been logged in, click on “connectivity”
  • Next thing, chose the “firmware update”. You will find a tab. Under the “basic” tab, click on “chose file”
  • Once you click on that, your file manager will be opened. Click on the file you have downloaded and then click on “open”
  • Click on the start button
  • A pop-up box of the firmware will appear. Click on “yes”. Your router will begin to update the firmware
  • Another screen will pop up indicating the router reboot. Click on “ok”
  • Once the firmware is done updating, it will indicate it on a screen. Click “ok”

Ensure that you do not close the browser or turn off the router while you are in the process.

Update Firmware for your router

How do I find my Linksys WiFi router's password?

How can you find out your password in the Linksys smart wifi router? If you cannot recall the password for your Linksys router, you can still get it from your router account. You can use the web-based method to get it done.

  • Open your internet browser
  • In the web link field, input the default IP address You can check for a new IP address if this one does not work. Probably if the previous IP address has been changed,
  • On this login page, do not write anything in the field of “Username”. And write “admin” in the field of password. If you have modified any of your login details, input that one instead
  • A notification will appear on your screen that informs you of the impending changes that will occur to your network. 
  • Select “ok”
  • Next, you will land on a setup page. On this page, click “Wireless”
  • You need to confirm if by chance the settings have been saved to Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. There you will find the network name and passkey which is also known as your router name and password.

How can I change Linksys smart Wi-Fi password?

Changing your wifi password is not just a necessity but rather, a conscious effort to keep your network secure. This will help keep your network away from cyber-attacks and fraudsters. If you would like to change your Linksys smart wi-fi password, follow the guide below,

  • Launch your browser and input into the web link field. 
  • Next, input the password “admin”. The username field will be left blank. If you have once set up your router and because of that you have modified your login details, kindly input that instead.
  • Navigate to the “Wireless” option. Under that, you will have to select “Wireless Security”
  • Afterward, it is time to customize your personal password into the new “Password” field. 
  • Once you finish with that, select the “Save Settings”. This will apply the changes you have initiate to the router settings. 

Note that after you have changed your Linksys smart wifi password, every device that you have connected to it will automatically be disconnected. If you would like to use any of those devices with your wifi, you have to manually connect them to the wifi through the new password.

Reset Your Linksys Router Password 1

How to reset Linksys wi-fi router password using the reset button?

To reset your router password means to reset the whole router and choose a new password. There is an easy way to do it.
  • Plug your router into a power source
  • When the power light is on, locate the reset button at the back of the router. Press and hold for about 10 seconds.
  •  Remove the router’s plug from the power source. Wait for half a minute and plug it back in.
  • At this stage, you have to wait for the power light to stop blinking. If it doesn’t stop, you can unplug the router, wait again and plug it back
  • Using an ethernet cable, connect the router to your computer
  • From this stage, all you have to do is to go through the Linksys smart wifi router login process and input a new password.

How do I reset the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA7400?

The Linksys EA7400 is known for its Flashing technology which allows its users to stream video in full HD. any technical issue might cause you to reset your Linksys router back to factory reset. The factory reset is not in any way complicated and can be completed in two ways.

First, the Hardware Reset, and secondly the Software Reset.

Hardware Reset
  • Right on the EA7400 router, try to locate the reset button
  • Find an object that can penetrate the reset button hole
  • Using the object, press down the reset button for exactly 10 seconds
  • Afterward, let go of the reset button
  • Let it lay for a while before you turn it on.
Software Reset
  • Open your computer, go to your browser and launch it
  • Input the accurate login details to reach the setup page of your router.
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Under that, click “Troubleshooting” 
  • Next, select “Diagnostics”
  • On the list of options displayed, select “Factory Reset and under that “Reset”

Prior to the factory reset, you can note down your modified data because, after the reset, everything will be wiped off. After the reset, for the Linksys EA7400 Wi-Fi router to be used again, you have to install and configure it from the beginning. 

How to connect wireless devices to Linksys Smart WiFi?

Automatically, devices such as smartphones, printers, laptops, etc. are visible to your internet through the Linksys  router. All that is needed to do to secure a connection to the router is to enter the Linksys smart wifi router’s password on the device. But there are simple steps to connect your wireless device to your network through the Linksys smart wifi cloud account.

  • Sign into your linksys cloud account. Follow the sign in procedures to gain access into your account.
  • You will see a series of tools in the navigation menu. Out of all the options, click on “device list”
  • Click on “add a device” button to continue
  • A page appears for you to select the type of device you want to add to your network. Then select other
  • Note down the SSID, password and security type that is on the page that says “add a wireless device”
  • This step is optional. If asked, enter the login credentials. The password and security type. 
  • On the page that indicates “add a wireless device”, when your connection is made to the device, click on “okay”

Important things to note while connecting a wireless device and when you are done connection to your linksys smart wifi simultaneously

  • Under the smart wifi tool, you will be required to choose a “network map” for linksys WRT1900AC router. Instead of “device list”
  • On the “device list” or “network map”, the just connected device will appear there. 
  • You are able to change the name and icon of the recently connected device on its respective linksys smart wifi tools.

How To Fix Linksys smart Wifi common Issues

  • Linksys smart wifi setup issues: If you are having connectivity issues, you need to make sure that the devices are connected properly using the Ethernet cable. You can also disconnect your devices and then connect them again.
  • The web address is not working: Your web address is not working, you need to check if you are entering the correct web address. You can also check if you are entering the correct login details. Your browser might be the one creating issues, you can clear the caches or switch to a different browser.
  • Linksys smart wifi default password: Are you unable to find the default wifi password? Do not worry about that, you can now easily reset your wifi password. It is a simple process that you can do with the reset button on your Linksys smart wifi.
  • Linksys smart wi fi setup e1200 problem: are you struggling with the Linksys smart wifi setup e1200 problem, you can easily fix that with the troubleshooting steps provided with the setup guide. You can reboot your device and check if that works. You can also reset the device using the reset button and then configure it again.
    • Issues with Linksys smart wi-fi app download

If you are having a hard time while downloading the Linksys app, you can go to the Play Store or Apple Store on your smartphone and then search for the app. Now, install the app and get started with the login process, and then do the setup.

  • Linksys smart wifi setup remote desktop solution: If you want to set up your wifi newton from the remote desktop, you can easily do that using the default web address. All you have to do is load the login page using the web address and then enter the default login credentials. From there, you will go to the quick setup page and can manage the settings of your device.
  • Linksys smart Firmware issues: Are you having performance issues with your device? You do not have to be worried about that anymore. You can easily fix this problem by updating your device’s firmware. For that, you have to download the latest version form the
  • The issue with the admin password: In case you cannot find your password or forgot it, you can look for the default password in the user manual or search online. If it still does not works, you can reset your password and then set a new one. login is a web link that lets you configure and access the Linksys router even from a remote location. You will be capable to access your home network after login in to the linksys smart login page and by using accurate login credentials. All you need is a Linksys router login username and password to access the Linksys smart Wi-Fi router. 

  1. First, connect any of your devices such as- a laptop, Smartphone, or mobile device to the default Linksys Wi-Fi network.
  2. After that, open up a browser and look for its address bar field and then type
  3. This will redirect to the Linksys smart wifi login authentication page.
  4. Then, type the default login credentials for the username and password which is ‘admin’
  5. Now, press the ‘Enter’ key and you will get into Linksys smart wifi setup page. not working?

There is number of reasons that you are unable to access the Linksys router login page. You can try out the following steps to troubleshoot Linksys smart wifi login issues.

  1. First, make sure there is no improper cable connection. Check for the physical connection between the devices.
  2. Then, check the lights of the Linksys router after making all the connections. Make sure that the lights
  3. Make sure your Linksys router is running on the latest firmware version.
  4. Also, cross-check the login details that you have used for the linksys local login.
  5. Finally, use the ip address for the Linksys smart wifi sign in.

Linksys smart Wi-Fi account

Create a Linksys smart wi-fi account in order to manage and configure your Linksys network from a remote location. The Linksys smart account lets you make the changes to the advanced features of the Linksys smart wifi router. In order to create a new account, your device needs to be connected to the Linksys wireless network.

Now, you can use the Linksys smart wi-fi account to manage your network remotely. In the end, you can either use the web address or Linksys app on any device from any location to manage your Linksys smart wi fi router.

Benefits of using the Linksys smart wi-fi account

Benefits Of Using Linksys Account

Linksys Smart Wifi

Linksys smart wifi or  the destination address. It is used for the configuration of the home network from a remote location. That means, after login into the address using the accurate login details, you will be capable to access your home network. You can access it from any location around the world. All you need to do is, open the web browser and fill in the default local address in the address bar, and press enter key. After that,  you will need to fill the default login details for accessing the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account.

linksys smart wi-fi account login

The Default Login Details      

User Name: “Let It Remain Blank”      

 Password: admin

After filling the default login details, simply press the enter key. Any time you need help, you can contact us for the expert assistance. After the successful login, you will be able to access the advance settings for the Linksys home network. Again, parental Controls is the best option. You can manage using the login. You can also manage the kind of content your family members and your children are accessing in your home network. Also, you can manage the guest access network using the login.  Guest access settings are best to access and configure. also, if you want to setup a separate network for the guests those are accessing your home network.

Linksys Router is Not Properly Setup

If you are facing the issues like Linksys router is not properly setup, you can try this solution for you.


Even after performing all these steps you are still facing the issues with the Linksys router setup, you can call us at Toll Free Number. Our expert team members are all ready to receive your calls. So you can access the Linksys home network without any kind of configuration errors.

Linksys Smart WiFi Issue Not Connected to Internet

Linksys smart wifi issue not connected to Internet
  • One of the most common issues you may face while working for the Linksys Smart WiFi configuration is, not able to connect with the internet. This problem is most commonly appearing due to the bad internet connection.
  • First of all make sure that you are properly connected with the internet using the modem. Simply cross check your internet connection from router and modem. If everything is OK, you can contact us for the expert assistance.
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