Accessing Smart Wi-Fi Linksys Account Through Web Browser

Linksys has a repo of manufacturing quality products. They also provide features in their devices according their product. Linksys provide number of free services with Linksys smart Wi-Fi routers. Once you setup Linksys smart Wi-Fi router you can have these services only when you have internet connection by the use of Linksys cloud account.

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So to have these free services you first have to do Smart Wi-Fi Linksys Login. Before starting Smart Wi-Fi Linksys Login make sure you have up-to-date firmware. You can access your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi using local and remote access.

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi login is available via web browser. So just start process of Smart Wi-Fi Linksys Login by following steps.

  • First start a web browser.
  • Now fill router’s default IP Address which is or you can enter default myrouter.local into address bar and press enter.
  • If your default IP Address doesn’t work, it means if it has been changed, verify your Linksys router’s IP Address.
  • Now enter Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Password & Log in.

If you are not able to do Linksys Smart Wi-Fi login, then do contact our router login team via toll free number, through live chat or you can drop your query in message box.